Custer Resort

Lieutenant Colonel George Armstrong Custer may be best known for his last stand at the Battle of Little Bighorn, but his contribution to history goes beyond that fight. In 1874 Custer discovered gold in the Black Hills, and credit for that discovery is remembered in the state park that bears his name. Here are 5 reasons why you should come visit the resort situated inside that park.

1. Historic Lodges

With all there is to do at Custer Resort, you'll need to be well rested for the start of every day. Custer's 4 historic lodges offer the perfect spot to recover from your day out and get ready for tomorrow. Each lodge is unique-pick whichever one suits you best and test out the others by dining at them during the day.

2. Safaris and Cookouts

Hit the trail in one of Custer's safari jeeps to check out the wild buffalo herds. In addition to these prairie giants, you'll also get the chance to see pronghorns, elk and other animals. Eat like the cowboys with their Chuck Wagon Cookout at the end of the trail. For a quieter ride, get a guided tour along the scenic trails on horseback.

3. Legendary Sites

Catch a breathtaking view of the area from Mount Coolidge Lookout Tower, built in the 1930s at the highest point in the park. Just a short drive will take you to the Crazy Horse Memorial, dedicated to the famous Oglala Lakota warrior. And while you're there, you won't want to miss Mt. Rushmore featuring George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt.

4. Buffalo Roundup

Time your visit right (near the end of September) and you can watch the annual Custer State Park Buffalo Roundup. You'll have the opportunity to feel the power of 13,000 gigantic buffalo charge past just a few hundred feet from you.

5. Winter Wonderland

South Dakota may be known as an inhospitable wasteland once winter sets in, but don't believe it! Though the snow tends to come early, it rarely accumulates too much at a time and the Chinook winds keep the temperatures fairly mild. Take advantage of this season to do some snowmobiling or ice fishing. Custer's jeep tours run year round and the wildlife stands out better and tends to be more active this time of year.

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