Sell Off Vacations

Sell Off Vacations is a travel company which seeks to provide its customers with the cheapest vacations possible. Sell Off Vacations offers discount flights as well as complete all inclusive vacation packages. They are based out of Canada and have many outgoing locations across the country making it convenient to travel. In addition to offering discount flights and all inclusive vacations, Sell Off Vacations also offers deals on cruises around the world. Below are five useful tips on how to get cheap rates when booking a vacation with Sell Off Vacations.

Travel At a Moments Notice
One of the mottos of Sell Off Vacations is “travel at a moments notice.” The more you take advantage of this slogan the more you will be able to save on your vacation. Sell Off Vacations partners with other travel companies and sells empty seats or packages at a discounted price to you. This allows you to get some incredible deals if you are okay with being last minute and flexible.

Group Discounts
Sell Off Vacations also provides you with group discounts. In order to book a group trip with them you need to have a group of more than ten people. There is a form you can fill out on their website to which they will respond with a quote for your group vacation within 24 hours.

Cash Back Offer
Another way to save money when booking a vacation with Sell Off Vacations is to take advantage of their cash back offer. The cash back offer basically guarantees that if the price of your vacation package drops up to three days before departure they will give you the difference back in cash.

Limited Time Offers
Another way to get cheap rates with Sell Off Vacations is to continually check their site for their limited time offers. These will typically be discounts travel packages to certain regions for a limited time only.

Compare Prices
Sell Off Vacations allows you to see how the prices for certain flights or all inclusive vacation packages vary from day to day. Often times you can save some money by picking a day of the week for departure that is less desirable than others.

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