Westjet is a relatively new airline company that was founded in 1996. Their goal is to provide quality flights for affordable prices to popular travel destinations. Westjet is a Canadian based company and customer satisfaction is at the top of their list of goals. By 2016 Westjet is expected to be among the top five most successful airline companies in the world. Their flight attendants and in flight service has recently ranked near the top of all airline companies. Below are five ways in which you can get the cheapest rates with Westjet.

Westjet Deals
A good way to get the cheapest rates when booking a flight with Westjet is to check the section of their website called “deals.” This section of the website is updated frequently with discounted flights and other travel packages.

Third Party Sites
There are also some third party sites such as Redtag and Sell off Vacations that offer discounts on Westjet flights when you use them for the booking of your flight.

Book Ahead
Airlines are notorious for jacking up prices as the date of a flight's departure gets nearer. Booking months in advance is a great way to cut off some of the cost of your next flight with Westjet.

Fly Off Season
Booking a flight that is in the off season of the destination you wish to visit can result in a much cheaper deal from Westjet. Most of their destinations are tropical as well so the quality of your trip will not suffer very much anyways.

Westjet Resort Partnerships
Westjet partners with various resorts and hotels in the locations it flies to. Due to this they offer many deals in which you can purchase a flight as well as book a place to stay. This can result in you saving lots of money on your next vacation

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