Wyndham Resorts is one of the largest hospitality companies in the United States. It has resorts from Myrtle Beach to Las Vegas. They are known in the industry as providing superior service. Due to their large amounts of locations in the United States and their positive reputation they are many vacationers first choice when it comes to booking a resort vacation. Due to the size of the company they offer many different vacation packages ranging from budget oriented ones to high cost luxury resort vacations. Below is a list of ways to take advantage of some of Wyndham Resorts' deals and get the most for your money.

Auto Club Discounts
One way to get cheap rates with Wyndham Resorts is to take advantage of their auto club discounts. Wyndham resorts offers discounts to many auto club customers such AAA members or CAA members sometimes saving them as much as 10%.

AARP Discounts
Wyndham Resorts also offers discounts to AARP members. This discount is often up to 20% off the normal price for lodging. AARP membership also provides discounts to many other hotels around the USA.

Company Discounts
Another way to get cheap rates is if you are planning an event for your company. Wyndham provides discounts and special services to companies who are looking to plan a conference at a Wyndham Resort.

Book Ahead
Booking ahead is also a great way to cut the amount you spend when booking a vacation at a Wyndham Resort. It is important to book many months in advance as prices tend to rise the closer you get to the date you wish to go on your vacation.

Wyndham Deals and Discounts
On the Wyndham website there is a page called “deals and discounts.” This page is frequently updated with seasonal and last minute deals that allow you to book a stay at a Wyndham resort that is often a fraction of the usual cost.

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